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Who's That Girl?


Loray Mosher

After 20+ years of holding several prominent positions in both education and industry, Loray Mosher was ready to bring some balance back into her life and make a name for herself in the creative community... and she knew it had to happen soon, if it was ever going to happen at all. Now the founder, lead artist and curator of True North Artisan Sandblasting, Loray‘s world has circled back to her roots in a very surprising way.

Most women who find themselves at this crossroads either take up yoga, or sign up for a dance class (both of which she did), but very few also decide to pick up sandblasting. The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time Loray has found herself in a blasting booth.

Let's travel to San Bernardino, California circa 1986. On any given day you might expect to find two best friends locked arm in arm, hanging out, hitting the beach, or doing whatever most 18 year old girls did back then. However if you ask Loray what she was busy doing in those days, she'll paint a slightly different picture for you. Instead, imagine the same two girls, locked arm in arm and hanging out, only this time they’re hanging out at best friend Rebecca’s parents business, 'Cortez Ornamental Iron Shop’. Sounds normal, right?

Loray recalls the girls living for every stolen moment they could find playing with scrap and honing their sandblasting skills in that shop. Rebecca’s natural talent for the medium was apparent and her knowledge base was already quite advanced, so Loray counted herself lucky that her best friend had brought her along side and shared with her the fundamentals and finesse of sandblasting. Loray was hooked and dreamed of carving a life for herself in glass (pun intended).

However, and such is the case for most of us, life stepped in and asked Loray to put aside her creative dreams to join rank in the rat race. So like many of us do, she stepped out of the sandbox and into adulthood, full of responsibility and deadlines. She’d spend the next 30+ years building her life around education and industry, centered by her wonderful marriage and 5 beautiful children. She never regretted taking that turn, not for one second, however that pesky “balance” thing began to creep in and present itself.

Flash forward to the present, and once again the sandbox was calling Loray to return to a life filled with fun and a sense of child-like wonderment. This time Loray was ready, and she was determined to answer.

True North Artisan Sandblasting is the result of answering that call, not only in finding your True North, but also in having the courage to follow it. Let’s adventure together!


Rebecca Rohrig

Known throughout the years as an accomplished “Master Blaster“, Rebecca Rohrig’s talent isn’t only seen, it can be felt, and her pieces bring imagination into reality. In November of 2019, Rebecca made the exciting decision to relocate from her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and make the journey south, to Northwest Arkansas. Mosher and Rohrig sandblasted together many years ago back in California, however time appears to have stood still for these two friends as Rebecca joins the True North team. As the dynamic duo reunites, great things are expected to reveal themselves, in life as well as in glass. Please join us in welcoming Rebecca Rohrig as the newest addition to the True North Sandblasting family!


Savannah Mosher

Savannah was destined to create beautiful works as a family legacy. She combines her skills as a mixed media artist with the collaboration and combination of back-frosted glass, resulting in magnificent works of Art that are truly unique and one of a kind in the marketplace.
See her current piece, LUNA: Through the Trees  You’re going to want to keep an eye on this talented young lady, and the solid future she has ahead of her as an accomplished artist... and to think, she‘s only 14 years old!

Let's Take a Look!


What does it take to bring an idea into the blasting booth?

I mean it sounds simple enough, take a piece of glass, slap on a stencil, and blast the piece to heck and back with sand traveling at a bajillion miles an hour. Presto! Art! Right? Well not exactly...

Actually, artisan sandblasting might as well be ”rocket surgery” when you take into account the speed, precision, and accuracy it takes just to make your first pass over the glass, let alone calibrating the system to handle differing mediums this art form uses as canvas.


Each piece is carefully selected regarding its material, and then requires a series of very specific steps to be taken in order to yield the best possible results from that material. Using specified CAD software, True North Artisan Sandblasting is able to transform the project's vision into a complex map, then, with the use of specialized machinery, this design map is cut away and the mask is made. From here the mask is transferred to the desired medium and is then systematically extricated to work within the depth of the material and it's future design. Once placement is determined and adjusted, and all possibilities are considered and rechecked, it’s finally time to blast!

Utilizing tools of the trade that have been specifically modified for depth blasting on glass and other materials, True North Artisan Sandblasting is able to create incredibly beautiful, three dimensional pieces with precision, depth, and movement, begging the question... Why buy mass produced art ever again?

Take a moment and explore our Gallery page. Let it inspire and fuel your first, or next, custom art piece from True North Artisan Sandblasting!

Sky's The Limit!


One and done? not always.

True North Artisan Sandblasting is a stand alone when looking to incorporate beautiful, transcendental art into your everyday life. However, sometimes the execution of a clients particular vision calls upon the talent of more than one artist, and True North Artisan Sandblasting is there to assist you in achieving your dreams, whatever they might be.

With several years in the entrepreneurial field, Loray Mosher has collaborated with some of Northwest Arkansas’ top crafts/men and women. From jewelers, woodworkers, metal smiths, and everyone in between, you can bet that Loray has seen and worked with them all... and if she hasn’t, give her a minute and she’ll have a PowerPoint presentation and dissertation ready for you in no time! 

With the heart of an explorer and her eyes fixed firmly on the future, True North Artisan Sandblasting is pursuing the far reaches of its craft, while maintaining the time honored techniques and steadfast quality produced by masters of yore. 

Do you have a multi media dream you want to see actualized? Or, are you an artist who’s interested in elevating your client’s piece with the inclusion of custom sandblasting? 

Either way, please connect with us and let's make something truly great! 

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